Why Branding is Important for Your Business

Branding is the gateway to success, too many businesses fail to understand its strategic importance.

the brand is the most important intangible of the company . The brand is what remains in the minds of consumers when the products have already been consumed. The importance of the brand lies in leaving an indelible mark on the minds of customers, a mark that is unmistakable, a memorable mark, that allows the products it sells to be consumed again and again thanks to the differentiation it achieves with respect to your competitors.

The products or services that you offer in your business must be recognized by a name and an image that mark people in such a way that when they think of acquiring something, they only think of your company. The importance of creating a brand is given by the fact that this allows you to assign an unequivocal identity to your products or services, allowing you to differentiate them and position them in the Moroccan market, and in any other.

The logo is the visual presentation of your company. The mix between color and text make up the essence of what your business is, even more so, of what you are as a small or medium-sized entrepreneur. It is like the signature of your company, which identifies it over the rest of your competitors.

This aspect should never be considered as something secondary, on the contrary, visualize it as the priority investment of your business, since without it your products cannot be made known. Keep in mind that within a company everything can evolve: the employees, the teams, the administration, the premises; but what always remains in time and grows is the brand. It is the asset of your company that could be worth the most in the long run, and the key to attracting customers in an inspiring way.

Creative branding and logo
design for your business

Your brand is where creativity meets communication.


Which is why we create branding that entices your target audience, connecting them to your business and building loyalty.

By clearly defining your business’s purpose, identity and role, we can help you reach your loyal customers and add value to your business. Branding is the secret ingredient that transforms your faceless name into a familiar friend.

With our years of experience in sectors such as beauty, construction, legal, medical, technology and more. This, combined with our readiness to listen and take direction ensures that the essence of your business and products is communicated in one picture – your unique brand.

Here is How we Create Professional Designs


Build a design brief

Fill out the creative design brief and tell us everything that you need and allow us to kick-start your project.


Receive your designs

Our creative designers will work according to your needs and provide you with multiple design concepts.


Give feedback

Review the provided design concepts and let us know if we need any additions or revisions in your design.


Pick your favorite

Pick what satisfies your business needs the best and get final designs with complete ownership rights.

Results-driven Branding Services

Our creative graphic design services can enhance the value of your brand by creating engaging and unique content.

Whether you’re an established brand in need of a branding refresh, or a start-up business new to the market, our team at Slick Design can deliver strong strategic direction or add new life into your existing brand. (Paragraph mis à jour)

We get to know your business, your goals, your vision and of course your target audience. This time spent getting to know you means our branding designs truly reflect who you are.

If you already have ideas you’d like to incorporate we can bring your ideas to life. Or you can call on the many years of diverse experience our design team has and they’ll create something unique to you.

Here is a brief explanation of Branding Services we offer


Creative and modern designs with 100% satisfaction guaranteed

—   We build and design distinct brands that stand out from the competition

It is becoming increasingly important to have a branding strategy and take care of our corporate image or company image. In our agency we help you from the initial phase of choosing the name of your company or product, continuing with the design of your visual identity ( Creation of logos, business cards... ). And we continue to develop and implement its entire corporate identity, that is, the conceptual framework and the visual universe of the brand .

—   As your graphic design agency, we can help you if…
  • You need to improve the perception and communication of your business, your product, service or event.
  • You want to have experienced professionals who advise you and offer a graphic design that meets your needs.
  • You are a Startup and you need to design support materials for the marketing and communication of your business.
  • You are going to organize an event and you need a design agency that is in charge of designing and coordinating the production of some the pieces : business cards, id cards, etc.
  • You are going to organize an event and you need a design agency that is in charge of designing and coordinating the production of some the pieces : business cards, id cards, etc.


    No Contracts. Cancel Anytime!


    We’ve kept it simple. Sign up with any of our packages. Details are given below. If you have any confusion or concern about packages, let’s discuss by reaching out via chat or email us.



    billed monthly
    • Logo Design (2 Concepts)
    • 2 revisions
    • Web and printed files provided in high-resolution PNG and JPG Format
    • Editable File format available (+$10)
    • 2 business day turnaround
    • Full copyright ownership
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    • -
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • -

    Price Quotation
    billed only once

    Custom pricing is available for clients who have special requirements and would like a set quote.

    Our Packages doesn't suit you, we don't want you to pay for features and services that you don't need, so we can supply custom-made solutions in consultation with you, Please take a few moments to provide us with some information on your request.



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