Why managed hosting is better for businesses?

The managed hosting service or managed hosting consists of hiring a company to host your content on the web so that they can be visible on the internet. It's like paying rent, hosting for your website. In this service, the company takes care of the technical part, speed, security, SSL certificates and backups of your site. While you take care of the content, such as images, texts and design.

In general terms, hosting refers to the space where your website is “stored”. People access it through the domain or web address. This is the virtual space, but in the physical world, there is also a space where your website is stored, and that is the web servers.

A web server is like a giant computer that contains processors and memories, capable of storing that hosting and creating the virtual space where the website will be found.

Choosing managed hosting allows you to gain some highly valuable benefits:

  • you will not have to maintain software and hardware, as it is the responsibility of the service provider.
  • security issues are handled with the service provider. Most of them even offer free SSL Certificate included in some packages.
  • Your efforts can be focused on your business strategy, such as your Digital Advertising campaigns and increasing traffic to your website.

Therefore, managed hosting is suitable for those who are not experts in the field and want to have time to focus on business growth.

Time2rank as your managed hosting service provider

You can deduce that since there are so many types of hosting, there are many companies and providers that offer these services. Basically you can hire a provider to host your website and handle everything for you, but there could be a situation where you lose much or all control over your server configuration, and basically have no idea what's going on with your website or how the process behind receiving your visitors works.

Time2rank specializes in web hosting in the form of managed cloud hosting so your website never hits a snag and keeps running fast and efficiently no matter how big the hits are. It is the preferred option for high traffic sites, backed by a specialist support team that goes beyond technical assistance. By choosing our managed hosting service our specialist team works as a team with yours.

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    The costs of this type of service vary according to several factors. Among them are the frequency of communications or campaigns, as well as the type of content to be developed or the number of channels to be managed.

    Setting fair prices is essential for us. We want to be 100% committed to our customers. To achieve this level of commitment we must establish prices that motivate us to give everything.

    This dedication makes us very exclusive with the companies we work with in the management of their social networks. It is already known that whoever covers a lot, squeezes little.



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